Who Writes This Diabetes Stuff Anyway?

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Harlan L. Jacobsen
Newspaper-Websites Editor

Severe Diabetic

While On Medication
  • A1-C 10.5
  • Weight 268
  • Painful Neuropathy (no sleep)
    • no feelings in feet
  • Arthritis No Bend Joint
  • 3 Root Canals -"In Last year"
  • Hip Pain- Considering Operation
  • Painful Rotator Cup Injury
Definition of Self Management "Cure"
  • Off All Medication- Zero-Entire 6 years
  • Weight- Last 5 years. 197 plus or minus 3 lbs
  • A1-C 5.9 as of July 2010
  • Blood Pressure 113/63
  • Triglycerides 64
  • Current Age - 82
  • Painful Neuropathy Totally gone
    • Regained 50% of feeling touch in feet
  • Arthritis Joint Completely Free - Pain gone
  • No Trace of Hip pain + Rotator Cup pain Gone
  • No Dentist in 6 years for Anything
  • ILL one half day in six years.
    No Colds, Flu, Nothing. No Vaccinations.
  • 3 Quarterly Newspapers 6 state distribution, World Wide Mail.
  • 2,800 + Internet Information Sites, Over 10,000 pages content
Open Mind Researcher With Own Diabetic Life On Line, Acting As Human Test Lab Rat, Sharing "What Works".
  • Unique Analysis Advantage, "Complete Ignorance Of Convention".
  • Read Over 250 books On Diabetes
  • Maintains Large Library On subject
  • Goes thru New Studies Daily,
  • Over 3,000 clear Back to 1890
  • Checks Results and Reports On Various Modes On Own Diabetes
You May call Harlan at 480 838 6955
Email: Two Halves To Keep Out Robot Spam
harlanjacobsen@ first half
second half of email @webtv.net

Over 60 With Better Numbers Then This? Harlan Wants To Hear What You Are Doing, He Is Not. 480 838-6955


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