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3 Years of Research ..... 180 Books ..... Thousands of Studies ..... Conclusions

80% Of U.S. Deaths, Your Body Inadvertently Kills It Self

82% In US Dying Early Drowning In Blood Sugar

$$$ Help With Prescriptions, New $4 Prescriptions, Including Metformin, 500 mg. Read This

99 to One Odds...Not The Cause

About Testing Your Blood Glucose Level

Add Years, Improve Healthy Life Style

Adding Body Fat Is "Survival Programming"

And ...Now The Sleeper Warning

Another Diabetes Study Shows Lifestyle Changes Equal or Surpass Diabetics Using Medication For Control of Blood Sugar

Another Major Study Shows Cholesterol Drugs Are Worthless

Are You A Whopper? Obese? Just A Little Fat?

Bacteria, a Savior, NOT a Killer. You Just Need To Encourage the "Right Kind"

BBC TV Airs Experiment Of 9 Volunteers on Caveman Diet

Become Diabetic

Best $15 Present For Diabetic or Obese Friend

Best Time To Eat To Control Your Diabetes and/or Obesity

Big "Hidden" Component Of Diabetes

Blending, A Diabetic Adaptation

Blood Sugar Level, Major "Rest of Your Life" Life Style Changes

Build Fat Enmasse

Bursting Pipes - Strokes

Cash $$$ Help With Your Medications

Cancer Bombshell "Must Read" Article

Can You Get Really 100% Off the Modern Diet?

Changing 50 Years Of Eating Habits

Cheap Subsidized Corn is the Root of our Obesity and Diabetes and other Degenerative Diseases

Cherries may turn out to be a BIGGEE for diabetics

Chocolate Can Add A Year To Your Life, Harvard Research Shows

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs, NOT a Bright Idea

Consider All Prescription Drugs "Suspect"

Dark Chocolate Daily Doubles Life Expectancy $4 a Week

Definition of Fast-Food Is

Determine Which Is The Biggest Killer In the United States. (In Your Opinion?)

Diabetes Connected Heart Attacks Happening Before Even Aware Of Diabetes

Diabetes Cuts 8 to 10 Years Off Your Life

Diabetes "In Big Trouble" Indicator

Daily Diabetes Recipes That Work For Me To Help Make My Diabetes Behave

Diabetes Is A "Fix It Yourself Affliction

Diabetes, Obesity, and "Worthless" Prescriptions

Eaters Revolt, Processed and refined foods are making you fat and sick

Fading Natural Hormone Production Makes It Hard To Sleep, "Over the Hill"

Fake Organic, Fake Grass Fed, Fake Range Raised, Even Fake "Wild" Fish

Faulty Beliefs That Will Keep You From An Easy Life Time Fix

Faulty Obesity/Diabetes Beliefs as Popularized Causes

Fast Effective (Make Immediate Huge Difference,) Simple, Easy Life Style Change For Entire Family

Finally .... I figured It Out .... Now Clear

First Understand The Root of your Body's Kink In Your Health Problem

Fixing You Is An Up Hill Battle

Fundamentals For Newly Diabetic, New Readers, Willing To Turn Life Around

Gear Up

Generic Translation of Brand Name Drugs

Gluten Intolerance, 1 In 7 In This Category

Good Calories, Bad Calories, Early Readers Reviews

Grazing, Eat As You Go

Great New Book, Our Subject and Goals

Green Tea Beats Out Avandia In New Study

Hard Truth About Dealing With Your Diabetes - Condensed

Help For You To Sort Out "What Works In Making Your Health and Longevity"

Help Your Body Exceed Expectations

Hershey's, Mars, Jelly Belly, Candy Makers Adding Caffeine

How and Why They Sold America Saturated Animal Fat Is Bad

How Garlic and Onions May Save You

How My Ancestors Survived Norway Winter- Famines

How The Light Bulb Makes You Fat

How The Man Made Chemical Prescription Market Makes Millions

How the "Saturated Fat" and Other Nonsense Story's Get Started

How To Stop Obesity and To Live With and Control Diabetes

How US Government Is Ruining Your Health

How To Cut Your $4 A Month Prescription Bill In Half

How We Fell In The Soup

How You Bought Into The 5 Big "Health" Lies, That May Have Cost You Big Time

How You Switch Your Body To Fat Burning Mode

Iceburg Below, Diabetes Just The Tip

If Still Part of Your Input It Is 100% Your Fault

If You Are Serious About A Fix, This Works

Imported Food - Almost No Checking (Less than 1% Checked)

Inflammation May Be A Result Of The Next Pill or Even Lotion

Insects and Bacteria Smarter Than You, Wont Eat Man Made Fake Foods

Insulin IS a Fat Making Hormone- That Is Its NUMBER ONE JOB-

It Is Not Your Fault You Are Fat

It Is Not Man's Cleverness That Gives You Longevity

Killer Damage Progressing, Smoking Or Non-Smoking

Lard, Butter, Coconut Oil. Vilified Falsely For 60 Years By "Cheap" Vegetable Oil Sellers

Latest Diabetes Statistics Report

Leg and Foot Problems, Lucky Early Warning For Diabetics and Obese

Lots New, Sorting Wheat From Chaff...Not Easy

Make "New Improved" Life Saving-Extending, Shaping Overall Life Style Changes Stick

Make Your Own Free Medical Personal Online Records Site

Meet Your Most Likely Killer Face to Face - Cardio Vascular Disease

Miracle Fruit MAY Work For Diabetics

Mortality In People With Diabetes

MSG Addictive? Hooked On Pizza?

My Liver Has Gone Ape!

My Study Has Been In Addition To Diabetes, Has Been To Understand And Crack The Operating Code Of Your Survival System

National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse

Natural Available Fat........"Screwed Up" By Man, Fat

Natural Sugar Mode, PUT ON FAT Season (Your Body Trapped Here)

Nature Has Sent You An "Early Death" Notice

Never Count Again, Automatically Limit Calories

New Studies Clear Up Hardening Of The Arteries, (atherosclerosis) Diabetes Connection

Newsweek Also Acknowledges US Health Care Gone Down The Tube

Nine Million Obese Children, Tripled Since The 1980 Selling Of "Low Fat" Myth

Not Fate: You Are Killing Yourself

Nursing Homes Giving This Drug Like Vitamins

Obesity, Diabetes, And Life Expectancy

Obesity and Diabetes are not a disease

OBESITY -Diabetes & SMOKING will save the health system MILLIONS…

Obesity Stomach Stapling Fixes Diabetes

Only Europeans Have Made Even Slight Adjustment To Modern Man Diet

Options as Diabetic Choices

Our Nice Little Nudge, Ain't Cuttin It....

Pets Getting Diabetes

"Pickle Sickle" May Help Fix Your Diabetes

Politics May Have Set Off $4 Prescription Program

Poor Deteriorating Health, You Earn And Deserve What You Get

Prescriptions Looking More & More Like A Racket

Print Out For Newly Diabetic Loved Ones To Help Understand The Problem

Print out version: Herald Chocolate Article

Pulse Rate Longevity Connection

Putting On Fat Is Part Of Man's Inherited Survival Instinct

Rats Verify Sugar Addictive

RECOGNIZE A Stroke ... Stick Out Your Tongue

Recognize When You Need Help

Research Confirms Omega 6 Out Of Line Is A Problem

Salt Has To Go

Scales -No Longer Instrument Of Choice To Predict Life Expectancy

Simple Society's, No Cancer, No Heart or Circulatory Disease, No Diabetes, Obesity or Arthritis

Size Does Matter

So I Got Diabetes, Now What?

Slow your Eating "Norm" Down To A "Casual"

Solution – Eat High Fat

Sorting Food: Eat. Do Not Eat

Sugaraholic, Wont Give It Up

Start By Cutting These Three Worse Foods

Stop Diabetic Damage Before It Starts

Stop Taking Tylenol - Anything With Acetaminophen Content

Strong Sweetness Desire, Putting on Fat Natural in High Sugar Season

Successful Diabetes Treatment From 1920's Tested In Recent Study- Still Works Today

Sunday Heralds Scotland Article Confirms Our Chocolate Recommendation

Take Test Here Not Diabetes Not Cancer Not Heart Attack

The 6 Things That You Can Give Your Body Correctly

The Big Fast Fix.....

The Big Fat Mistake

The Difference, Food Allergy and Intolerance

The Fast One Sentence Fix

The Fiber Solution-

The Food Status Switch Is Coming Home To Roost

The "Healthy Diet Promo" Began 1980 to 84 Now Exploded Into Huge "Health Disaster"

The Hot Stuff Diabetes Fix

The Illness "Ping" You Are Getting Is From Wrong Fuel For Your Model Body

The Most Important Thing In Your Present Life

The Killer Your Doctor Ignores

The Oldest "Non Diabetic" Society

The Physical Diabetic Fix, That Works

The Real Reason Why you Go to Your Doctor

The Steel Milled Revolution

Three Things You Need To Know Right Off As A Diabetic

To Understand Your Diabetes You Need to Speak and Understand the Language

Today Your Last Five Are "Junk" Years. They Need Not Be

Trying To Put A Little Sand On The Slippery Slope

Two Kinds of Fuel

Understand "Make And Store Fat Season"

Understand Real Causes Of Diabetes, Obesity, And Other Killers Of 82% Of Americans

Understand Two Villains, High Sugar Spikes and High Insulin Levels That Go With It

Update; The Dark Chocolate Miracle

Upsetting The Established Health Cart

Viagra "Bedroom Help" Cleared For Diabetics

Vibrate Your Diabetes Away

Visible Connection Between Body Weight and Diabetes

Walmart Has Prescription Type Vitamins, Mine

What do you do with diabetes?

What Has Happened To Me In Two Years

What In The World Is My Insulin Doing?

What is Celiac Disease?

What is Disease?

What Is Killing You/Me Now....?

What Kills 82% of Public,- 85% of Diabetics, Is All One Disease

What The Newspaper Is All About

WHAT works, HOW It works, WHY it works, Fix Obesity, Diabetes and Add Ten Years To Your Longevity

What You Have Is A "Stuck Up" Gut

What You Need To Know

What Works, Non-Rip Off

What's For Supper, We Cut Out Everything

When To Eat

Where Inflammation Comes From and What It Does Are Life and Death Issues

Who Do You Trust For "Natural Food"?

Why An Eskimo Who Gets Nearly 100% Calories From Fat Does Not Become Obese

Why Stay Fat and Depressed?

Why The Usual Diet Weight Loss Is WRONG For A Diabetic, (or anyone)

Why We Do Not Update Articles

Why You "Get a High" from What Is Killing You

Why You Need To Know If Your Body Tests Acid Or Alkaline

Why You Need "Fermented Food" In Your Diet

Will I Ever Eat Potatoes In Any Form Again?

Why You Eat 2 or 3 Times Calorie Requirements and Get Fat

You Have Arrived At The Fork Of Your Health And Life Expectancy Road

You Have Been Oversold On Politically Correct Beliefs

You may have Potato Induced Diabetes

You May Be Addicted To Your Killer

You Need A Test To Know This

You Need To Learn Responsibility To Not Get Hung Up on Detours

Your Body Fat Stays And Increases Unless Your Faulty Mind Sets Are Fixed

Your Cooking Method Worse Then "Trans Fat"?

Your Gut Friendly Bacteria Are A Personal Vitamin Factory

Your Life Is Screwed Up, and..... You Did It...

Your Kid Mismanagement Will Kill Your Kid Early

Your Middle Bulge Became "Obese"

Your Mother In Law Can Raise Both A Sugar and High Insulin Level

Your Overall Health and Life Expectancy is Your Responsibility

Your Survival System Turns On Because Of "You Are Dying Signals"




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* Aspirin: Helpful or Harmful
* How Your Body’s Operating Software "Survival" System Works
* Dark Chocolate Lowers Blood Pressure


* Diabetes Isn’t What Going to Kill
* Pain Is A Warning
* Keeping Diabetic Teeth
* Diabetes is a Symptom
* Heal a Sore or Die Trying
* Diabetic Caveman Cooking
* Aid for Diabetic Cheaters
* 82% Already Had Strokes
* Study of 4,000 Diabetics Finds Half with Chronic Kidney Disease


* Diabetic Survival Kit Essentials
* Getting Diabetes Under Control
* Is It Trash or Food?
* Silent Diabetic Heart Attack
* What Works with Diabetes
* Chocolate Can Add Year to Life
* Cherries May be Big for Diabetes



* Latest Diabetes Statistics Report
* $$$ Help with Prescriptions
* You Need a Test to Know This
* Sugaraholics, Won’t Give It Up
* What is Killing You/Me Now....?
* Your Cooking Worse Than TransFat?
* Diabetes Recipes Work For Me



* Beware Fake Health Food
* Physical Diabetes Fix That Works
 * Where Inflammation Comes From
* Chocolate Therapy & Fiber Solution
* Flatulence: The Enzyme Meter
* Why You Are Dying 20 Yrs. Early
* Testing Your Blood Glucose Level



* Best Time to Eat to Control Diabetes
* Update: The Chocolate Miracle
* Insulin IS a Fat Making Hormone
* Add Years, Improve Healthy Lifestyle
* Big "Hidden" Component of Diabetes
* Shop, Prepare, and Eat Basic Items



* Diabetes, Obesity, Worthless Prescription
* Best $15 Present for Diabetic Friend
* Make New Improved Life Style Change
* Never Count Calories Again
* Leg & Foot Problems Early Warning
* 82% U.S. Drowning in Blood Sugar
* Real Reason Why You Go to Doctor



* Obesity and Diabetes are not a disease
* Decline Speeded with Drugs
* New Diabetes Cure Works
* 9 Simple Fixes for Diabetes
* Why You Have High Insulin and Damage Accumulates
* 6 Things That You Can Give Your Body Correctly



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