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How To Moderate Sugar Peaks

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 How To Moderate Sugar Peaks

Small Eating Habit Changes Make a Big Difference

Diabetics need to keep blood glucose levels down to prevent body damage from soupy circulation.
Initial glucose level control for diabetics is another story but just remember it is a slow several week process that may require some outside help at the start
What we are talking about here is the overall concept of understanding the big picture. Diabetics goal is to learn to control their diabetes (blood sugar level without medication, though you might have to start with some.

What needs to be remembered in this initial frustrating start is that medications seem to have an effect almost immediately and other steps you take may take weeks to really show a difference.

For example some step you take supposedly lowers your blood sugar 20%.
The thing they forget to tell you is it may take two weeks of it, before it gets that result. So two weeks from now when you start taking some other supplement etc that is supposed to help, say 20% and today it does. You do not know if it should be credited to the new thing or one you started two weeks ago and is just now taking affect.

Food in its raw state digest very slowly. Cooked, it often releases sugar almost instantly. Mans health problems basically started back when he started cooking. So for a diabetic, cooking releases sugar too fast in root vegetables, like carrots , beats onions etc. You can eat carrots and onions raw because the high sugar is released very slowly indigesting the associated fiber to release it.

Above ground vegetables are able to be cooked and the preferred method is steaming.

Now when you are eating something that is an unknown quantity eat with blending.

This means what we call " blending " which means adding things together to it like lots of slow digesting fat, such as butter, full fat yogurt, coconut oil, flaxseed oil etc. Lots of slow digesting meat and eggs etc. with the questioned food.
We also make a fiber mixture we use as breakfast base food, and you can add or blend it to anything to slow down the sugar digestion.
We suggest taking a cinnamon (as a diabetic you will get on to adding cinnamon to a lot of things also.) large container with shaker top, put the cinnamon in a sugar bowl and adopt the shaker for fiber use. they have screw on lids, and you can carry them filled with fiber in your pocket or purse when eating out etc.
Anyone, asks...you are just adding cinnamon etc to your food to help smooth things out when eating out as a diabetic.
Next basic trick is to eat very slow.....new life style change; this habit alone will lower the blood sugar by about 20% studies show. So change your ways, feel free, eat slow, excuse yourself. (your a diabetic) and eat and read long after everyone else has left the table.

Actually, that usually wont be necessary since you will learn to eat often and small amounts. Same results. Never go hungry, eat like every two hours and never be up in the am longer then two hours without eating.

If you are a diabetic you cannot handle much of any fruit since it is too high fast sugar conversion.

They have selectively bred fruit trees to much higher (sweeter sells better) sugar content fruit then your ancestors ate. So until you really get on to this skip fruit for now.

I add a couple of tablespoons of unsweetened applesauce to a few things now and then. Particularly with my high fiber breakfast. Never mix vegetables and fruit at the same setting. ( requires two different types of enzymes and confuses things.)

'Link to 60 Min Video on Sugar", see here

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