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Mistaken Ideas About Your Ancestors Diet.

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 Mistaken Ideas About Your Ancestors Diet.

They Likely Were Not Hunters At All.....

Some anthropologists believe that early ancestors were not hunters at all, they were more likely scavengers, rather then hunters. Man was in territories with many more animal life then available today and large animals were killed by other animals and many shared the carcass and in a few days it was gone.

However, the large bones were left, none could crack the large ones and man just came along and picked them up, Took them back to the cave and used rocks to bust them up and sharp sticks to remove the bone marrow. Sometimes they used fire to help extract the bone marrow.

Thus bone marrow was almost always available and man never had to starve if other animals were making kills.

Bone marrow used to be prized and considered restorative food for ill people.

In addition to bone marrow, in his diet was much lower fat wild animals but he ate the bone marrow, tongue, eye balls, brains, liver, kidneys, the whole animal where modern man eats primarily nothing but the muscle meats and grain fed fat.

You and I visualize the Hunter with his bow and arrow shooting a deer. Likely never happened. He likely snared small animals such as rabbits (snares made from thongs of animal skin, He likely worked out an arrangement with dogs, who could easily track down and corner large animals...( man was poor at this) but had great difficulty killing them.

Man came along with his sharp sticks and dispatched the cornered animal and man and dog shared.

Bone marrow would have been a major protein source for tool using humanoids, who had an exclusive on the ability to bust open bones with rocks and use sharp sticks to remove the bone marrow. No matter how many animals had picked over the carcass of an animal kill, the bones were left to man.

Bone marrow is rich in fat soluble vitamins including vitamins k1 and k2, which we talk about this issue as primarily produced in your own gut by friendly bacteria. This vitamin k is crucial it turns out in recent studies in keeping calcium deposits out of your arteries plugging things up. (heart attacks)

If you are today eating bone marrow you usually buy beef shank bones lamb or veal and have your butcher either saw them in 3 inch lengths or preferably length wise.

The recipe I read for cooking as best method is to preheat your oven to 450 and place the bones in a baking dish. Bake for 15 minutes more and it turns to mush. Scoop out and eat the marrow and make a soup from the left over bones.

Not an expert on this but will research more and get practical experience with it and may be an ancestor diet item we can easily get back on track on.

It is delicious, meaty and fatty and can now be ordered in many restaurants. More on bone marrow later. What your ancestors ate of course varied from where they lived.
Mine came from Scandinavia. They find vegetables in their caves from 20,000 years ago but we know that was a short season. The fruit and berries were also a short season. They could store and carry over like the squirrel a lot of nuts for the winter and what we don't realize until you make pemmican, you can store almost any food by drying it.

When they had a large animal kill,, they had 3 days max to eat it before it started spoiling so they cut it up in strips like the American Indian did buffalo and put it in the sun and dried it. They then ground up the dried meat up with stones into a powder. They dried berries seeds and nuts, mixed it all together and made a paste with fat that lasted for years without spoiling This was easy to carry or store since it was dried down likely 95%.

So we assume they lived most of the year on animals, large and small and likely a lot of fish. You and I imagined them sitting on the bank with their fish pole trying to catch supper. Did not happen.

The aborigines in Australia explained their fishing method. Making a small stone diversion in the creek forcing fish off to one side into a stone trap configuration. They then went up stream a couple miles and made lots of noise and commotion scaring the fish down stream into their stones diversion trap.

They simply put a few larger closely spaced stones at the entrance to the trap so water went thru but fish could not swim out... grabbed a couple of fish for supper....and left the rest trapped until next week when they wanted some more fresh fish.

Raised on a farm during the depression, I recall an old Indian friend made my dad a fish trap out of willow branches. About the size of today's back yard garbage can, we tied a rope to it after putting in some smelly bait like old cheese etc. Thru it in the Missouri river, came back in a couple of days and it would have several fish trapped in it who went in but could not figure the way out.

We took home a couple and left the rest in the trap. Next time we wanted fish for supper we went down and got some more. Just took what we needed for supper, we did not have a refrigerator. (nor electricity)
Game and fish in the past were much more abundant and I am sure our ancestors figured out how to trap these small animals and fish (maybe large animal traps too.)

Indians used to scare buffalo (by heading them panicked over a cliff...) took one home and left the rest killed to rot, (there were thousands on the plains available) and like our putting fish traps out, I am sure but left no evidence of it because they all, like our trap, rotted away.

So how did my ancestors get meat over the winter snowed in? Easy.. every snow storm the little animals and large animals are very easy to track... Man has the ability to outlast any animal including a deer tracking him.....the deer drops from exhaustion. Plus if man figures out snow shoes he has a tremendous advantage in the snow.

Man can go on many times longer then any animal. That's the way the Australian Aborigines explain they do it on bare rock. They follow a desert animal, snake or lizard, the have the ability to track (even on bare rock ) the animal until it drops from exhaustion.

The missing essential fats we knew you need to survive, we wondered how they got it supplied in a no fat desert, turned out to be they ate moths, rich in fat, year around.
You and I thought an aborigine practiced with his boomerang until he could pick off a bird. They informed me they have this boomerang that is about like an ax handle, they throw into the middle of a flock of birds that fly up and they almost always get two or three. No accuracy required.
The aborigines that move to town and go on the western diet ( about like yours ) have a serious diabetes problem and other degenerative diseases.
Those that move back to the desert and their former diet usually fully recover within two months.
This was proven clear back in the thirties. Not new.
An old aborigine who lived on the native diet as a kid said that back then, everyone was healthy, now a big percentage of the population ( on western diet ) he says it seems are sick or dying.

It helps to understand what over the years on the native diet your ancestors likely ate, whatever it was varied all year along and they ate what was available What is to be learned is to understand what your ancestors were NOT eating that you are eating.

You are not going to be able to eat exactly what they were eating but you can figure out what your body has programming to handle and what it does not.

No coca cola, no french fries, no aspirin no alcohol, no cigarettes, all pretty obvious.

You don't have to figure out how it affects you if you don't eat or drink it.
You can with only common sense figure out your ancestors drank ONLY water.
So right off you can make that big change and it is a big one, NEVER DRINK ANYTHING but water the rest of your life.
(note: our warning about city water and how to neutralize it. )

You can add food back in as some do to see what they can get away with.....my view is what's the point, ........every day we get studies and articles on what they were telling you was bad for you 5 years ago is actually very good for you, they found they were wrong.

You are eating things they will find were the cause of this or that...five years from now.....and will be too late. If you stop all those things that don't fit....now you do not have to worry about.

You can stop counting measuring, figuring percentages you should be doing this or that according to this expert today....another one says something else tomorrow. If you know what your body was made for YOU know what will work for you and what wont.

Therefore I am knocking myself out to give you the overall.. (skip the details) understanding of how your body wants to make you a survivor and KNOWS how if you will work with it and STOP sabotaging its efforts to make you a long term survivor.

Trying to make you aware some this issue also as i have in past issues, it is your own body that will likely kill you,,, (over 80% of Americans die of degenerative disease. not let you die, KILL you...) This is called degenerative diseases like cancer, strokes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's, etc etc.

It is mainly your survival and immune system being led astray...(chemical false instructions etc) and attacks your own body. (I had arthritis and hip problems, both went away on this diet) and I am 4 years older ( 80 ) and they never came back.

If I had to quit walking my dogs daily, because of that hip problem or arthritis the lack of exercise and my diabetes and the 60 plus pounds I lost, with this diet, it would have done me in by now.

If I had to keep track of something, how much of this or that I ate or when I ate, any of that absolutely would NOT have worked for me.
The ONLY thing I pay attention to is I eat NOTHING not on my ancestors list. No variation period.
Except a few approved things that make up for what they did I cant do.... or duplicate.
Examples, Full Fat Yogurt, Lots of Grass Fed Butter, Dark Chocolate with no sugar, no milk, some supplements.


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