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Heard Dr. Did A1c In Office, So Went For Test, Turns Out To Be Low Carb Doc

Beat Diabetes With Low Carb Diet

gear Above Headline On Az Low Carb Doctors Hand Out Literature, Also Says Drink Only Water, No Fruit. No Milk, No Grains, No Roots

Big Surprise

Doctor Herself A Diabetic, Has Even Spent Time With Dr. Bernstien.

Her 4.9 With No Medications, Beats My 6.

Says Does It Strictly With Diet Though Still Pushing Metformin etc.

Has Good Web Site With Series of Text Slides Explains Diabetes.

Not Much Different
Dr's. Eat List similar to Ours She Okays Cheese, Soy, Beans, Limits eggs, We Do Not. Otherwise matches our list
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Az Low Carb Dr. Real Surprise Find

Phoenix Magazine Says Peers Voted Her Top Family Doctor for 2010.

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.......surprise, surprise, author accidently goes to what is likely Az only low carb control your diabetes with diet doctor.

Did not even know there was one...

Maybe, for those of you familiar, we should start with Dr. Bernstien. He was a graduate engineer that got diabetes, like you and me, and was appalled when he researched what the medical society was recommending and treating diabetes.

He tried writing and calling peoples attention to what he considered a huge mistake, and like I am finding no one would pay any attention.

Decided to go to medical school, and become a doctor so people would listen to his message about this huge diabetes mistake. He did, then wrote several books, on alternative other then medical society treatment and has a huge following in the U.S. and around the world. (He is now believed because he has an MD)

Now get this, his treatment (basically what we write about) has become in demand so much that I read he now charges $4,500 for four days of personal training on how to personally control your own diabetes. and if you need a refresher now and then it is $400 an hour.

(see his time in medical school was not wasted, he learned how to charge, and that the amount you charge is an essential part of the treatment. ) If you charge a lot, then they pay attention and believe you and act on it.. If you tell them for free, nobody listens.... nor changes a thing..

I already knew that.......

Meanwhile back in Arizona.... my wife keeps bugging me to go in and get an A1c reading as a reassurance that nothing has changed or gone out of control.

Since have not been to a doctor other then for foot injuries in several years, I agreed to go get a test when I heard from a neighbor that a Scottsdale Doctor does A1 c diabetes tests in office. Usually you have to go to the Dr. get a thing to go to a lab another day and then go back again a few days to the doctor to get results.

Meanwhile got a big scrape on my leg that healed almost up and suddenly got infected. It did not seem to be progressing much so while there had the doctor look at it and was promptly announced as risky unless we used anti-biotic right away...

Dreaded the side effects etc but know foot problems are a serious risk went with the anti-biotic....will be a year undoing the effects of that from fungus gut overgrowth etc. She says if you take pro-biotic, yogurt etc. two hours after or before anti biotic they will survive in repopulating your friendly gut bacteria. Still testing that idea.

This is a doctor that specializes in Diabetes and low carb eating to control it. Has spent a few days with Dr. Bernstien and apparently has the same views on conventional diabetes treatment as he does, Dr. Bernstien a type one since childhood, and Dr. Hilts is a type two.

Her Name is Dr. Helen Hilts, and Board Certified Family Medicine. Her literature says, A Family Medical Practice with a special interest in the proactive treatment of patients at risk of diabetes.

Spends a lot of time with her patients and discusses everything so you do not feel like you are getting 30 seconds of their time every once in while during your visit as you do in most doctors offices.

Dr. Hilt has no idea I have anything to do with anything diabetic, web or paper and I do not normally recommend this sort of this but if your diabetic and in or visiting Arizona, look her up for your tests, if nothing else. Not sure, she may be the only Dr. in Az not on the usual "consensus" of standard prescriptions and insulin shot treatments. Have not been shopping for one.

Both she and Bernstien will write prescriptions, but believe they both look on it as temporary as possible until you learn to control your diabetes without them.

By all means, if on net, go to her web site, and view her slide show of text pages on " How Diabetes Works. If not on net, no problem, next time at library, ask librarian to go to that web address and print it out for you.

It will be similar to a condensed version of one of our earlier issues, but you will learn some new things such as 98% of pancreas cells make digestion enzymes and only 2% involved in making insulin.

Her literature contains a similar to others chart with numbers on what is normal, pre diabetic and diabetic and we run it here.

Dr. Hilts Literature: Eat List
....and Don't Eat List
.....along with comments on comparison to way we list it.....

Some Pointers To Get You Started

  • Eat Protein and 2-3 vegetables every meal......
    We Agree
  • No grains, roots, fruits or milk.....
    We Agree: Except we say you can eat onions, garlic and carrots raw, none cooked, and butter and full fat yogurt excellent.
  • Eat breakfast every day, ........
    We agree but we add, "within two hours of arising" and make it a Big breakfast.
  • Eat Protein or veggie snacks, not chips.....
    We add try Walnuts, Boiled Eggs, Pemmican, or Cold Chicken Leg
  • Oil Is Okay, but Do not deep fry. .....
    .We adamantly say, no vegetable or man made oils, approved coconut oil, flax seed oil, butter, olive oil, lard, beef fat.
  • Put your favorite sauces on vegetables, instead of pasta, rice or potatoes.
  • Put dips on cucumbers, peppers, celery, snow peas, not chips.
  • Low carb deserts, and Chocolate are OK, in moderation. .......
    Only desert we recommend is Full fat yogurt, tablespoon of 100% dark chocolate, and beat in raw egg=(chocolate pudding) if real gambler throw in tablespoon of local honey. Honey digests slower then sugar and with all that high fat yogurt will take over hour.
  • 15 grams of carbs raises glucose about 50 points in diabetics. .......
    .We do not eat it so we do not have to count it.
  • 30 Minutes of exercise burns 15 grams carbs, (for splurges)........
    We gave up on bookkeeping what we might get away with, so no longer try to get away with anything.
  • Read nutrition labels, but they can be off by 20%.........
    We say do not bother reading labels, if it has one it is processed and don't eat it.
  • All the vitamins antioxidants and fiber, you need are in veggies.......
    Might be, but we doubt we will eat that many veggies so we use outside supplements, vitamins etc.
  • Get the carbs out of the house, or out of sight. ..........
    Good idea, but we will hope your entire family is diabetic also, or this may cause a war.

Focus On Protein and The Right Veggies At Every Meal:

Protein (18 to - 16 ounces per day)

  • Anything that walks, swims, or flies. ...........We add Allowed to walk, swim or fly growing up, not raised in confinement.
  • Eggs (1 oz = 1 large) or eggbeaters. ........We suggest eating all the range raised eggs you can fit in.
  • Cheese -low fat best (1 oz=1"Cube) ........Avoid Entirely
  • Soy, Small portions beans, (frijoles, lentils, etc.)Avoid Completely
  • Nutty seeds, sunflower, pumpkin, sesame.............(all unfrosted,)We Add Chia, Amaranth, Quina, Hemp seed.
  • Nuts,.........We exclude peanuts, cashews, Note that Almonds, are now pasteurized and are "dead". Walnuts, #1.

Vegetables Cooked Or Raw

  • Lettuce, spinach, greens, any leaves
  • Yellow or Green Squash,
  • Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage
  • Peppers,
  • Chillies
  • Green Beans, Snow peas
  • Celery, Cucumbers,
  • Avocados, Eggplant, Okra,
  • Small amounts of onion, tomato......We differ in no cooked onions, all the raw you want, same for garlic, carrots. We say no tomatoes. On all veggies, we say as many raw as possible, this includes juicing. Much more valuable raw.
  • Many Others,...........Practically no others, or few from our view. Editors note: Botanical avocado is a fruit, it has a seed and grows on a tree. High Fat, slow digesting and Highly recommended for diabetics. It is only fruit recommended,other then slow eating of pink grape fruit with right conditions.
But AVOID these Carbohydrates
No Grains

  • Wheat: not white flour, not whole wheat either. Bulk wheat Bran is O.K. 100% Fiber
  • Corn: Not Fresh, canned or corn meal.
  • Rice: Not brown or white
  • Oats or Oat bran: Oat bran has more bad starch then good fiber
  • Rye: Not Dark Either
  • Amaranth, Teff, Quinoa, Tritcale, etc.

No Roots

  • Potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, beets,

No Fruits

  • Juices
  • Berries have lowest carbs so small quantities Okay.

No Milk

  • (Lactose 10 oz of any milk = 15 grams, carbs, same as 1 slice of bread.) No Sweet Drinks-we are designed to drying water!
  • You may however, eat small portions of these carbs immediately before or during exercise. long walks, hiking etc.
End of Dr. Hilts Phamblet with Food listings. You will find more of her information on her web site... Thought this might be an opportunity to get some views here on food besides mine, understand her information here is taken from a condensed phamblet, where we have space to go into detail in a newspaper. For example we recommend Amaranth, Quinoa, Chia, she does not, but we have room to explain small quantity of this stuff mixed in with our high fiber substances goes a long way and as result digests slow. We think (and others do too) that it fits since it is very nutrient rich and is not a grain or a grass. (no gluten)and is not high glycemic. Her phamblet or even a Dr. Office does not have time or space to go into these details. Besides, been eating it for five years with great results. (human test rat) , Therefore to get more of her views in detail go to Dr. Hilts web site.

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