Government Diet Cause of Health Disaster

U.S. Diabetes-Obesity Epidemics Both Tied To Faulty Government Diet Release

Studies Verify Very High Carbs, Low Fat, Sets Off Health Disaster, Body Not Made For It.

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National Diet Change Sets Off Escalating U.S. Health Disaster
"Media Says Follow These Official Sanctioned Diets For Health"

Media Highly Influenced by Government Sanctioned Food Foundation of Heavily Carbs. 1992 Release Pyramid Shows Foundation of American diet should be bread, cereal, doughnuts, pasta, crackers, cookies, rice etc all milled grain foods.



Note: The government food pyramid and the Diabetes Association are recognized by the media as safe sources that they wont be criticized for picking up information from and writing on doing articles, TV, books, etc on. So the high carb low or no fat myth got picked up and made the new "in thing to advocate."

Few of the public pick up information from these sources but the media picked it up from them and ran with it. Food recommendations never were based on science, the government food guide "Pyramid" was created without any input from the Department of Health and Human Services, was based solely on lobbyists pressuring for different industry suppliers.

No one has been able to explain the diabetes association stand. They are the association that has collected money from walks and drives, millions of dollars (60 years now) to find a cure for diabetes.

Have not cured one person, have not even slowed diabetes, they have now been a huge contributor to diabetes epidemic itself with this ridiculous switch to 70% carb diet recommendation in 94.

The medical society decisions seem to be based on what works in writing prescriptions and getting more people out the door in the allocated 7 to 15 minutes.

ancestor's diet

The high carb low fat myth has become one of the greatest health catastrophes in the last 100 years.

It has made a lot of industries rich. Substituting cheap carbs in place of expensive high fat; It has also contributed to the high medical expenditure, twice any other country per person and now has the 42nd rating in life expectancy.

U.S. has been falling like a stone in industrialized nations world wide rankings of life expectancy,

Ranked 11th two decades ago. Falling fast since 1992 and 94, higher carbs even lower fat recommendations. (not science, political) U.S. Life Expectancy ranking 42nd, now just below Cuba and just above Slovenia.

U.S. has not only a Diabetes epidemic, also an Obesity and Asthma Epidemic. Here is what has happened to weight in U.S.

ancestor's diet body weight

If the government and the associations corrected this ( they have been petitioned to do so by many doctors ) they would have to admit they made a huge mistake that has cost millions of lives and ruined others.

If they put out a correction or a workable diet tomorrow it would take 18 years to turn the public around just as it took 18 years to get the U.S. health in this position.

They have painted themselves into a corner and we are stuck with this health disaster.

Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson Quote pertaining to this type of government advice and meddling.
If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.
Hippocrates (Diabetes-Obesity)
Disease does not occur unexpectedly, it is the result of constant violation of Nature's laws. Spreading and accumulation of such violations transpire suddenly in the form of a disease - but it only seems sudden.

   Hippocrates, The Father Of Medicine 377 BC

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