Candida Fungus Control Diet: Anti Yeast

Working at Overcoming Fungi Long Term Slow Process Simultaneous Several Fronts of Attacks

Worse Case, Fungus Into Blood Stream

Causes leaky gut and gets into blood stream, causing body inflammation, Toxic

Fix The Burden of Recurring Yeast Infections

Not Easy

Serious Anti Fungal Diet Correction Necessary

Only Way to Prevent Rebound With a Vengeance

All Attacks On Candida Fungus Difficult

None Fast, Expect Lengthy

Yours, No Exception
Correcting Diet Necessary Burden to Fix Recurring Yeast Infections, Expect To Take Months, Not Days
Candida Anti-Fungus Control Diet

Plan Long Term, Expect Slow Process

Harlan Jacobsen

A diabetic body is a fertilized garden for fungus over growths.

Your body is over supplied with sugar which is what fungus thrives on, and a diabetics body is a fungus paradise.

A modern diet is sugar loaded. Your ancestors had low blood sugar levels because there was NO refined sugar, only sorting low carb sugars out of fiber laden fruits and vegetables which was slow digesting process.

Therefore, your ancestor bodies were not likely to develop fungus over growths and your immune system has no ready anti fungal system developed.

Thus, since it was not common among your ancestors, your body needs help overcoming what you have inadvertently allowed to take over, (usually totally unaware).

Current fruits and vegetables have been bred up to sell better as high sugar to please buyers. Some fruits, such as apples, have five times the sugar level they were in 1900.

In addition, the ancestors ate almost totally raw food which comes with digestive enzymes intact.

These normal raw food enzymes digest or kill fungal growths, naturally.

Your diet consists primarily of these foods cooked, and or processed and everything over 116 degrees has killed all enzymes.

In addition, your normal digestive tract bacteria, naturally overwhelmingly friendly bacteria kept fungus to a minor level.

Every indigenous society had a fermented food they ate. An example is yogurt, fish paste, or sauerkraut, etc. These eaten regularly reentered almost daily friendly bacteria and kept the balance friendly a large enough to overwhelm and control fungal levels.

Modern man kills off his friendly bacteria digestive flora with antibiotic, and then fungus goes wild uninhibited, and takes over the digestive system.

Often bacteria never gets it back under control and you are a fungal digestive tract person for life, if you are a high sugar person.

Birth control pills, steroids, etc., kill intestinal bacteria, and city water with chlorine kills off partially every day, your friendly digestive bacteria.

To regain control and rid your body of fungal over growth, all of these have to be fixed and your friendly digestive bacteria have to be put back in control of your digestive system.

External fungal controls will eventually control (take a long time if body is high sugar) Candida fungus such as crotch itch, toe nails, etc., but once you stop this external treatment will likely come back with a vengeance if your body is high sugar.

This may take months to control and may come back over night if high sugar environment.

  1. Start to take pro biotic, acidopolphus, etc., daily and eating live full fat yogurt, or any fermented food of this type, every day. Help repopulate your digestive tract with the friendly bacteria. This is a slow process.
  2. Let city water sit in a pitcher 24 hours for chlorine to dissipate before drinking.
  3. Change your diet as follows to get your body off of sugar, so it is no longer a garden paradise for fungus growth.

This is the SAME diet almost we recommend for diabetics. We call it the "ancestor diet" but it consists of the following and is listed as anti fungus diet, which essentially STARVES fungus to death by withdrawing sugar. (It also fixes diabetes high sugar peaks.)

The Anti Fungal Diet

Editors Note: A vegetable juicer, such as Jack LaLane has promoted for years, (often available in thrift stores for as little as $15.00) will turn raw vegetables into and an enzyme loaded "drink your vegetables" that is lethal to fungal growths.

This likely is the MAIN benefit of juicers. It is essentially a fungus killer by inputting enzyme loaded raw veggies, etc. Worked for Jack who to well into his 90's, and works for others who swear by their juicer as crucial to maintain their health.

WARNING: Diabetics use of juicer is a hazard unless you compensate for your diabetes. Juicing carrots and other underground vegetables is like cooking them, the sugar becomes digestible too fast. A diabetic can not and should not eat cooked or underground vegetables juiced unless you delute them considerable or blend with slow digesting food. You can for example blend sipping some carrot juice when eating something high fat high protein such as spare ribs etc. Together, they will digest slow enough to handle it.

Let's start with what foods that are OFF your menu, on the anti fungal diet.

All sugars, including high fructose corn syrup and all artificial sweeteners.

All grains, INCLUDING, rice, wheat, oats, corn etc. NOTHING with flour. (bread or pastries)

No Peanuts, cashews, or pistachios.

All other nuts okay.

No underground vegetables except carrots, onions and garlic uncooked, only. (This includes no potatoes.)

Absolutely NO processed foods (nothing with a label.)

No Dairy except full fat yogurt and butter, preferably grass fed cows.

Editors note: Diabetics, Remove brewers yeast from our fiber list if you have a fungal over growth. Oat bran, wheat bran, etc., are okay in a fiber mix, since they are sugar and starch free.

NEXT: Supplements and Anti Fungal substances to ADD to your diet. go here.

Note: Diagrams are not scientifically accurate, but are approximations with editorial liberties taken to illustrate with visual comparisons.

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