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Must See Government Caused Epidemic.

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1950 on...Human Body Increasingly Insulated From Natural Electrical Earth Grounding.....
Diabetes Is A Degenerative Disease, One Of About 20 Such Main Stream Killers, All Affected By Natural Earth Grounding Of Your Body -More-

Quinoa, Secret Food Of The Aztecs
Quinoa, Helps Out Diabetic Diet -More-

Veification Of Adding 15 Years to Your Life by Basic Life Style Changes -More-

Beware,-Excess Iron: Cause of 5 Killers
Iron Accumulation Is A Recognized Life Shortening Problem for Men, -More-

How You Got That Ailment
Most Health Problems Today Are Man-Made -More-

Optimize Food Input For Damage Fix
Can No Longer Handle Todays "Input" -More-

How You Handle Diabetes,= Life or Death
Understanding Diabetes Co-Happening Killers -More-

"Cooking Started" Man's Nutrient Problems
SR. Enzyme Production Yearly Fall= Problems -More-

Diabetes Diet You Were Born To Eat
Up To 80% of What U.S. People Eating In U.S. You Were Not Programmed For. -More-

Save $: Brown Bag Diabetes Lunches
Best Bet: Learn To Make Pemmican, Build Lunch Around Pemmican -More-

What All Have That Live To Be 100.
Did 100 Year Olds Have a Disease-Free Life? -More-

Regaining 15 Years Life Expectancy
Switching to Food, Made For: Solves Adverse Degenerative Diseases -More-

Candida Fungus Control Diet: Anti Yeast
Working at Overcoming Fungi Long Term Slow Process Simultaneous Several Fronts of Attacks -More-

Government Diet Cause of Health Disaster
Studies Verify Very High Carbs, Low Fat, Sets Off Health Disaster, Body Not Made For It. -More-

Why Diabetics Have Wild Sugar Fluctuations
As a Diabetic trying to control and understand your wild blood sugar fluctuations, problem is that you tend to... -More-

Diabetic, Hazards of Eating Out
Trans Fats are Used because Food can Be Prepared Weeks in advance in Factory Kitchens,... -More-

Accidently Find Low Carb Diabetes Dr. !
.......surprise, surprise, author accidently goes to what is likely Az only low carb control your diabetes with diet doctor. -More-

Summer Reunions, Not Like The Old Days
Most of high school buddies are at least 50 pounds overweight. -More-

Diabetes Affect on Life-Length, Your Call
Others Care About Your $ Affect....You Have Bigger Concerns -More-

Harlan Gets Feeling Restoration in Diabetic Feet
How He Got His Foot Feelings Fix -More-

Diabetes Drug Actos Ups Bone Fractures 77%
Just One Of Side Effects Of New Drugs-More-

No Sugar and Diabetes Control If Too Long
Diabetes-Obesity, Both Early Warnings,Fix Now or Else -More-

Alzhiemers May Be Diabetes, Type 3?
Alzheimer Fix Shows Up In Studies and Observations-More-

Ag Official: Cinnamon Helps Alzheimer's
Cinnamon Important, Both Diabetes & Alzheimer's -More-

How My Tropical Fish Extended My Life
Their Message Affects You Too -More-

Best Tip: Improve Health, Your Outlook Attitude, Your Well Being, Your Longevity: Get a Dog
Cost Is Far Less Then Prescriptions -More-

10,000 Word Internal Body Message Vocabulary
How You Screw Up the Message -More-

Understanding Why Your Old Body Attacks It Self, Arthritis etc
The Do Yourself In Diseases and How Stopping Wrong Input Stops Or Prevents Most Triggers -More-

Boiled 4 Years Research Down To Understanding 3 Words
Eat All The Sugar You Want, All The Calories, They Are NOT What Makes You Fat Or Diabetic-More-

Eat What Your Body Was Evolved To Eat?
This Is Not Rocket Science, This Is Common Sense -More-

Simple "What To Eat" Formula
This May Be Radical For You To Start But Works Well When On To It-More-

Show You How You Can Figure It Out
Just How You Have Been Sold On Some FALSE Beliefs by BIG name Sources -More-

The Best Diet Choice to Control Diabetes
November 8, 2007 by: Keith Heimpel Watch Key concepts: diabetes, food, caveman diet-More-

Another Recent Study On the Caveman Diet
This Gives You An Idea Of What Reading 20 or More Studies a Day Looks Like -More-

How Corn is The Root Cause of US Health Collapse
Nobody has the nerve to tell you this.......-More-

How To Compensate For The American Omega 6 Fat
Almost now Unavoidable with out GREAT effort. -More-

A fuel Your Model was Never Designed for
Do This To Long, And Its Too Late, No Fix Available, Scrap Heap Soon, No Options-More-

Statistically It Is NOT Catching With Something
How Soon Boxed Up Is Determined More By HOW You Sabotage Your Survival System -More-

What Does A Diabetic Eat For Snacks
Throw Everything Out of The House You Should Not Eat -More-

Your Body Was Never Designed To Handle 80% Of What Modern America Eats
Running On the Wrong Fuel Accumulates Damage -More-

Like Smokers Cough, What You Have, You Did Not Catch
It Took Years, But You Earned It..... -More-

How To Moderate Sugar Peaks
Small Eating Habit Changes Make a Big Difference -More-

Mistaken Ideas About Your Ancestors Diet
They Likely Were Not Hunters At All -More-

Mismatch Your Body Can No Longer Handle
Stop Further Damage And Early Exit -More-

The Food That Changed My Life, That Blows All Medical Advances and Prescription Drugs Away
$4 to $5 a week.....Tops. Available Most Everywhere... Revolutionary....... -More-

So That's How I Got Here, Now What Do I Do?
We Assume You Know And Understand What Happened To Get You Here -More-

Finding A Cure For Diabetes Or Obesity Is As Ridiculous As Finding A Cure For Smoking
To Cure Smoking Damage You Stop Smoking, Diabetes - Obesity, Same Cure, Stop doing what is causing it -More-

Why Your Body Hangs On To Every Ounce Of Fat
When You Lose Weight Starving Yourself Your Body Is Eating Your Muscle Mass -More-

MSG: Slow Poison
Blowing the whistle on MSG -More-

Never Drink Food Again (Part 1)
Drink Only Water The Rest Of Your Life -More-

Diabetes Is Not Will I, The Question Is
4, Accumulate Enough Damage, You Got It -More-

Diabetes or Obesity Cause You To Die Young?
Likely Not, But Are Early Warning Big Trouble Around the Corner. Wake Up -More-

Fix The "Real Villain" - Get Your Body Back
Back To Designed For Input - Your Body and Weight Will Fix Itself-More-

Metformin Has a Long History with Diabetes
Think Twice Before Staying On Long Term -More-

Neuropathy Something A Diabetic Must Know
You Either Likely Have It Or In The Works If Blood Sugar Not Controlled-More-

Harvard School Of Health: Major Causes
Bad Health Is An Option: Your Decision -More-

US Health System Collapse
This One Sending You To Cemetery Early -More-

Understand And Clear Up The Myths
Obesity and Diabetes -More-

How Killing Germs Is Killing You
Nature Gave You a System To Handle Them But NO System To Defend Against Man Made Chemicals-More-

Your Model Designed As A Fat Burner
Keeping the Old Bod Running On Sugar with Man Made Chemical Additives Is NOT the Answer-More-

World Figures Show You Are Not Alone
Fix now or Like the Smoker, You may leave early -More-

American Health in Down Hill and Accelerating
Leaving Early Biggest Option -More-

Diabetes Takes The Lead In Self Destruction
Smokers Quit What Is Killing Them -More-

New Diabetes Cure 74% Success
Stomach Stapling, by Passes, Result in Unexpected 74%  "Cure of Diabetes" Opens window to new research -More-

Diabetics Rarely Die of Diabetes
Their Big Risk Is Of Heart Attack Etc... -More-

Know Your Insulin Level?
Damage Level Control Determines Your Life Expectancy-More-

Pycnogenol, Most Effective?
Pycnogenol, Low Or No Side Effects, Yet Affects Most Everything A Plus -More-

2 weeks Vacation Eating Out
This Is Serious Concern That Takes A Little Planning. Works For Both -More-

Diabetes And Sleep Apnea
Have Diabetes? Likely Also Have SLEEP APNEA, Best Check -More-

Understanding Diabetes: Brief
Diabetes Is Body Damage You Accumulate Over A Lifetime -More-

Drugs maybe a Problem than a Solution
Prescription Drugs May Be Causing Your Headaches And Many Other Problems Including Sleeplessness -More-

New Disclosures Help Understand Your Illness

OTC Drugs Can Save 90% Plus
OTC Drugs Are Available Everywhere -More-

The Doctors Free Sample Trap
Will Cost You Big Time, Here Is How -More-

Senior Health Problems?
It Is Likely NOT ALL FROM AGING You May Have Been "Drugged" -More-

100 Is Easy, Ban The Miseries
Getting Old, The "Awful Part" Is Optional -More-

Diabetics "Lucky" , Advance  Warning
If Alerted, Can Take Action In Time -More-

High Insulin, - Damage Accumulates
The Downer, That Hiding The Sugar Bowl Wont Fix -More-

Walmart Target Saving 80% on Drugs
Nearly 350 Other Popular Prescriptions $4. Buy Near You, Complete List Here -More-

Over 50% of US Food Supply Now PETROLEUM Based -More-

9 Simple Fixes For Diabetics
Each May Beat Your Prescription -More-

Half - Wind Up In Rest Home
Cancel Happening, Stop Earning This Destiny-More-

Your Body Immune System Inadvertently Attacking Itself, Is Main Killer
Increase In Ratio of Omega-6s to Omega-3s Fats Is Major Cause Of Inflammation.-More-

Stop Taking Tylenol - Anything With Acetaminophen content
Anything With Acetaminophen content Side Effects Can Wind Up Killing You-More-

$$$ Help With Your Medications
Read Here Where and How To Get $ Help -More-

Why You Have High Insulin And Damage Accumulates
The Downer, That Hiding The Sugar Bowl Wont Fix-More-

Diabetics Considered "Lucky", Have Advance Warning
If Alerted, Can Take Action In Time-More-

The 6 Things That You Can Give Your Body Correctly
To Help It Last Far Beyond Expectations, -More-

Dark Chocolate Daily Doubles Life Expectancy $4 a Week
Nothing Else At Any Price Even Comes Close, -More-

Newsweek Also Acknowledges US Health Care Gone Down The Tube
Some of Their Quotes On US Declining Health Status: by Sharon Begley, -More-

80% Of U.S. Deaths, Your Body Inadvertently Kills It Self
Fix Inflammation, Designed To Save, You, Kills You, -More-

How The Man Made Chemical Prescription Market Makes Millions
Good Old Doc Promotes It To Tie You To 2 Renewal Writings Annually Guaranteed, -More-

The Illness "Ping" You Are Getting Is From Wrong Fuel For Your Model Body
Constant Repair Bills And People Junk Yard Unless You Switch, -More-

MSG Addictive? Hooked On Pizza?
Reports You Can Get Hooked On MSG And Not Know It?, -More-

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The attached Diabetes articles are by 42 year researcher, editor, publisher, Harlan Jacobsen (who died of cancer age 85) and his conclusions and recommendations after five years research and personally testing (living it).

It is an all out effort to uncover how to regain the 15 years life expectancy he was told he had lost after being diagnosed with diabetes, an accepted figure by Doctors using standard medical society treatments.

This Web site is his sharing what he has uncovered that works for him and is the current state of information of "what works" and studies on the subject.

Definition of the word "cure" in regard to diabetes is: Return to health, getting off all medications and totally arresting all further advancement of diabetic complications.  

Note: The cure for emphysema or lung cancer is NOT to regain the ability to go back to repeat the cause, smoking a pack a day with impunity. Neither, is the ability to go back, regain the ability to repeat the cause, sugar binges etc with impunity, part of the definition of a "cure" for Diabetes.

Author, researcher, publisher, reporter, blogger, Jacobsen had no medical expertise and this site is designed and made to be educational, informative and not intended as medical advice.


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